Soldiers can be recruited at the Athlum - Town Square. They don't cost money and you can freely employ and dismiss them.

They won't learn any additional arts apart from the combat ones.

Unemployed soldiers develop over time, getting better attributes and skills.

Tier 5 - Available after Numor MineEdit

Mitra - Orsa, Mayfield, Ironsaid, Qsiti - Pitanne, Argo, Yama - Quecos, Sidan, Trea, Metella, requires Battle Rank 30 before they appear on recruitment list.

Green = Mitra Yellow = Qsiti Blue = Yama
Name Starting Art(s) Class HP AP Weapon Attribute
Riddle Two-Handed Freelancer 271 7/35 Warrior's Halberd Gustation
Deacon Herbs Monk 322 6/31 Claymore Rebellion
Serge Power Grip Freelancer 295 7/35 Bludgeon Anxiety
Verne One-Handed Expert Freelancer 243 7/35 Warrior's Francisca Zest
Dylon Evocations Magus 292 5/27 Scimitar Hotness
Brad Invocations Expert Magus 204 7/37 Greatstaff Battle Style
Orsa Potions Freelancer 216 5/26 Warrior's Sledgehammer Eyesight
Mayfield Hexes Magus 282 6/34 Spatha Compliance
Ironsaid Invocations Magus 251 6/34 Ji Ego
Cricketh One-Handed Freelancer 264 7/36 Falchion Fashion Sense
Atis Lotions Monk 271 5/28 Ronin Katana Honor
Kraliss Evocations Expert Magus 270 7/40 Scimitar Karma
Pitanne Invocations Expert Magus 265 5/27 Warrior's Scepter Effort
Argo Hexes Magus 232 7/38 Ronin Wakizashi Katana Tech
Pentessia One-Handed Expert Freelancer 321 7/35 Ronin Otachi Intuition
Minuas Lotions Monk 233 5/26 Warrior's Tabar-Zin Nosiness
Elicia Evocations Magus 202 7/40 Grandclub Second Sight
Quecos Herbs Monk 275 7/35 Warrior's Trident Hearing
Sidan One-Handed Expert Freelancer 235 7/36 Warrior's Sledgehammer Persuasion
Trea Power Grip Freelancer 262 7/35 Bludgeon Calamity
Metella Remedies Expert Sorcerer 255 7/32 Ronin Otachi Intelligence

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