Soldiers can be recruited at the Athlum - Town Square. They don't cost money and you can freely employ and dismiss them.

They won't learn any additional arts apart from the combat ones.

Unemployed soldiers develop over time, getting better attributes and skills.

Tier 2 - Available after BlackdaleEdit

Mitra - Idlan, Giland, Redford, Qsiti - Deidre, Penatess, Yama - Peath, Lucipher, Mylune, requires Battle Rank 12 before they appear on recruitment list.

Green = Mitra Yellow = Qsiti Blue = Yama
Name Starting Art(s) Class HP AP Weapon Attribute
Lunberdy Power Grip Fighter 223 5/24 Battle Otachi Meditation
Gene Herbs Fighter 189 6/28 Combat Lance Gentility
Dreyfus Power Grip Fighter 241 6/29 Combat Broadsword Alpha Male
Zemekis Two-Handed Expert Fighter 242 5/25 Combat Spear Savvy
Carmein Invocations Shaman 200 5/20 Combat Cudgel Laziness
Nicole Evocations Shaman 227 6/29 Battle Katana Potential
Idlan Two-Handed Fighter 237 7/30 Combat Halberd Rancor
Giland Evocations Shaman 220 6/27 Combat Scepter Evasion
Redford Remedies Shaman 208 5/20 Combat Bastardsword Literacy
Damecus Lotions Expert Fighter 225 5/25 Combat Khukuri Application
Nomius Power Grip Fighter 175 5/21 Combat Hatchet Preoccupation
Mithdia Invocations Shaman 229 6/29 Combat Spear Repair
Deidre Invocations Expert Shaman 223 5/22 Battle Wakizashi Hard-up
Penatess Evocations Expert Shaman 184 5/23 Battle Katana Spunk
Lythete Lotions Fighter 182 5/22 Combat Bastardsword Impertuosity
Atella One-Handed Fighter 166 5/22 Combat Sledgehammer Handiness
Annalise Evocations Shaman 233 5/22 Combat Bastardsword Cynicism
Peath Power Grip Fighter 192 5/20 Battle Otachi Build
Lucipher Potions Fighter 184 5/21 Combat Tabar-Zin Axe Tech
Mylune Invocations Shaman 233 5/20 Combat Trident Guts

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