Silvan's Components is located in Nagapur - Nordenalm

New items will be added to the shop as you progress through the game.

New Trade Goods are added to the shop as you sell more captured monsters, different items require different Commerce Points


Item Price Availability
Ore Logo Vackel Iron 2,400 -
Ore Logo Reprocessed Metal 2,400 After Wyrmskeep
Mineral Logo Lobal Shell 880 -
Monster Component Logo Beastman Bone 340 -

Trade GoodsEdit

Item Price Availability
Monster Component Logo Superior Tanned Hide 658 Requires trade rank C in Leather
Mineral Logo Angoran Cloth 12,250 Requires trade rank B in Leather
Mineral Logo Linen Cloth 14,700 Requires trade rank A in Leather
Monster Component Logo Superlative Tanned Hide 1,151 Requires trade rank S in Leather
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