Reinforced to the second order.

Disassembles for 4,590g
Platinum Ore x1 Battered Katana x1 Sapphire Crystal x2

Upgrades to Sacred Otachi for 149,760g
Mystic Skelenyte x1 Blacksteel Ore x1 Circular Albic Hide x3
Upgrades to Wyrm Otachi for 181,440g
Dragonicle Ore x1 Circular Albic Hide x3 Tanned War Dragon Hide x2
Upgrades to Gem Otachi for 168,960g
Meller Crystal x1 Imp Scale Hide x2 Thin Manticore Mane x8
Upgrades to Demonblade for 37,440g
Necrotic Metal x1 Tough Killer Insect Husk x2 Divine Brynhildr Wing x1

  Basic Customization

Upgrades to Demonblade for 37,440g
Weapon Recipe 59 x1 Rough Kelpie Stone x1 Divine Brynhildr Wing x1
Upgrades to Mistcutter for 99,790g
Dragonicle Ore x1 Rough Leanan Sidhe Stone x1 Avian Fiend Rawhide x4
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