Master large shield trusted in lands familiar and foreign.

Disassembles for 12,255g
Jewel Steel x1 Djin's Coin x2 Divine Metal x2

Upgrade Roots Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Shield of the Vanquisher Jewel Steel x1 Sharp Landworm Fang x4 Amoeba Membrane x4
Warlord's Towershield Mystic Skelenyte x4 Large Treant Splinter x2 Leap Frog Oil x8
Champion's Towershield Mystic Skelenyte x1 Crab Fluid x2 Dragon Scale x4
Elite's Towershield Platinum Ore x2 Grand Beetle Barb x3 Fenris Mane x3
Commander's Towershield Silver Ore x1 Superior Cotton x3 Shed Husk x6
Warrior's Towershield Vackel Iron x2 Large Horn x2 Land Insecta Carapace x3
Combat Towershield Iron Ore x2 Translucent Water x2 Aerial Insecta Feather x5
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