You can talk to her in Nordenalm in Nagapur when hired for her parameter bonus. The Parfumlily is required for her final conversation (talk to Mistress Marsha in Melphina Castle about the item, and again after obtaining it).


Complete the quest Kosmosfest.


Weapon Upgrades XBOX

BR Balance Combat Mystic
33 Vare Vare Vare
50 Superior Vare Superior Vare Superior Vare
75 Superlative Vare Superlative Vare Superlative Vare
85 - Might Vare Runic Vare

Weapon Upgrades PC

Balance Combat Mystic
Superior Quarterstaff Superior Quarterstaff Superior Quarterstaff
Superlative Quarterstaff Superlative Quarterstaff Superlative Quarterstaff
- Might Quarterstaff Runic Quarterstaff


Generic (these will be replaced with weapons from the upgrade path)


Balance Physical [?] Mystic
Slot 1 Amulets (AP Increase) Belts (STR Increase) Rings (INT Increase)
Final Item Simarrionne
Slot 2 Bracelets (HP Increase) Earrings ([Physical] Resist) Necklaces ([Mystic] Resist)

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