Reinforced to the third order.

Disassembles for 7,840g
Mystic Skelenyte x2 Voltaic Crystal x1 Divine Metal x1

Upgrades to Scutum Imperatoris for 211,700g
Mystic Skelenyte x8 Demon Mane x6 Azhdaha Patagium x6
Upgrades to Scutum Crystallus for 283,360g
Meller Crystal x4 Hydra Beak x6 Sharp Landworm Fang x8
Upgrades to Scutum Serpentis for 358,400g
Dragonicle Ore x3 Soft Homunculus Hide x4 Circular Albic Hide x8

Upgrades to Shieldisk for 351,120g
Jewel Steel x1 Grand Spider Fluid x4 Amoeba Membrane x4

  Basic Customization

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