This is the one of first Item-related classes available in the game, and it focuses on using Herbs. While the stat requirements would suggest this to be a Rank 4 class and it is Rank 4 on the X360, it is considered a Rank 5 class on the PC.

Name Effect Requirement

[Herbs] +1
Skill [Medic]

STR 41 or INT 41
Expert Scout

[Herbs] +1
AP Cost Cut +1
Skill [Medic]

STR 43 or INT 43
Adept Scout

[Herbs] +2
AP Cost Cut +1
Buff Duration +1
Skill [Medic]

STR 45 or INT 45
Master Scout

[Herbs] +3
AP Cost Cut +2
Buff Duration +1
Skill [Medic]

STR 47 or INT 47
Lordly Scout

[Herbs] +4
AP Cost Cut +3
Buff Duration +2
Skill [Medic]

STR 50 or INT 50
Legendary Scout

[Herbs] +5
AP Cost Cut +4
Buff Duration +3
Skill [Medic]

STR 54 or INT 54

How to Obtain:
This is one of the easiest classes to obtain in the game, simply using Herbs until the Item > Mystic requirement is met will get this class from any of the previous classes. Since this class has lower stat requirements than any other Rank 5 class, using Herbs early in the game can ruin any class progression by getting this class. To avoid this make sure to keep Mystic and/or Weapon skills well above Item skills.

On the X360, don't expect any unit to progress into this class as it's a hybrid class.

Upgrade Options:
Since the stat requirements for this class are quite low, it will take some time before changing out of it. The Rank 6 classes are not available until you reach 53 in one of STR or INT. The easiest upgrades from this class are the Item-related ones:

Changing into the Mystic + Combat classes from here will require training Mystics to become a significant skill group. Since those classes also require high Wield Style levels, this means raising both Mystics and Weapons above Items unless only normal attacks are used.

Training Wards is another option. The class obtained will depend on STR or INT significance, and meeting the skill requirements:

X360 Upgrade Options:
There is only one upgrade option:

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