Common middle staff often associated with royalty.

Disassembles for 24g
Copper Ore x1 Commemorative Medal x1 Small Feather x3

Upgrades to Combat Scepter for 2,300g
Gaslin Copper x2 Light Metal x1 Grand Spider Husk x6
Upgrades to Warrior's Scepter for 5,760g
Weapon Recipe 5 x1 Metal Scraps x2 Thin Amoeba Hide x1

  Unlocked by acquiring the Weapon Recipe 5 (permanent).

Upgrades to Warlord's Scepter for 90,720g
Weapon Recipe 61 x1 Mystic Skelenyte x1 Black Oil x3

  Unlocked by acquiring the Weapon Recipe 61 (permanent).

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