The Samurai is a specialized Combat class focusing on fighting with a Katana.

Name Effect Requirement

[Katana] +1
Skill [Duelist]

STR 35
Expert Samurai

Max AP +5%
[Katana] +1
Skill [Duelist]

STR 37
Adept Samurai

Max AP +5%
[Katana] +2
Skill [Duelist]

STR 39
Master Samurai

Max AP +10%
[Katana] +3
Skill [Duelist]

STR 41
Lordly Samurai

Max AP +15%
[Katana] +4
Skill [Duelist]

STR 44
Legendary Samurai

Max AP +20%
[Katana] +5
Skill [Duelist]

STR 48

How to Obtain:
Reaching this class requires a Mystic/Item balance regardless of what the original class type is, while Katana has to be the highest Weapon skill. From Freelancer simply keep the balance while training katana.

Upgrade Options:
Keeping the Mystic/Item balance is not an easy task, but it's the only way to obtain the next rank of the Combat classes:


Letting the scale tip in either direction, allowing either Items or Mystics to become significant, will likely result in an Item, Item+Combat or Mystic+Combat class change upon reaching STR41, depending on the individual skill levels. The only way to prevent this is to not meet the skill requirements for any of these classes. Mystic classes are also an option if Mystics are developed to be the only significant skill group.

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