Rush Sykes

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Rush Sykes is the main character of this story, and the first character you see in the game.


Raised on Eulam Island, far from the power struggles for Remnants, Rush lives a peaceful life with his sister Irina. When she is taken away by a mysterious group of soldiers, he goes after her. Rush is an affectionate young man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Nothing is more important to him than family - and thus he is dedicated to taking care of his sister, Irina.



How Rush was found by John and Marina Sykes is unknown however it is believed that Rush was found in the Crib-like Remnant within The Sacred Lands where most Remnants are born and adopted him as their son. Years later Rush entered the same room where his adopted mother later found him and was distraught over his being there, whether he entered there on accident or whether he was called there is unknown.

Shortly after Irina was born Marina used Marion's Blessing (hypothetical) to Seal away the Remnant side of Rush and all the memories included. He and Irina were then moved to Eulam Island at their parent's request. He was to take care of Irina while their parents worked in the Academy and travelled up to the Remnant Elysion. Sometime after this when Irina had aged a little, a jealous Rush once attempted to abandon his sister in the Wilderness, expecting her to be able to find her own way home. However in the twilight hours of that day, a panicked Rush found Irina in the same spot where he had left her and earlier told her that he would come and get her from. She had believed him and trusted him to come back. Humbled by that experience, Rush has since become very protective of Irina, and would go to the ends of the earth for her.


Rush can learn any skill available in the game, apart from the race or character specific ones. Combat Arts are learned by using the weapons. For the other ones you have to find special items. He gets the first art of the Skill and you can learn the other ones by using the art. The following special items are available:

He also gets unique skills during the story:

Weapons & Accessories

Rush can use all weapons and accessories, apart from the race or character specific ones.

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