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Rush Sykes is the main character of this story, and the first character you see in the game.


Raised on Eulam Island, far from the power struggles for Remnants, Rush lives a peaceful life with his sister Irina. When she is taken away by a mysterious group of soldiers, he goes after her. Rush is an affectionate young man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Nothing is more important to him than family - and thus he is dedicated to taking care of his sister, Irina.


Rush can learn any skill available in the game, apart from the race or character specific ones. Combat Arts are learned by using the weapons. For the other ones you have to find special items. He gets the first art of the Skill and you can learn the other ones by using the art. The following special items are available:

He also gets unique skills during the story:

Weapons & Accessories

Rush can use all weapons and accessories, apart from the race or character specific ones.