First time entering the city:

  • Seasoned Warrior Yama: "Finding a lode of Damascus ore is the dream of every miner in Royotia... The ore's so valuable, finding some'd be a one-way ticket to riches. However, the ore is real rare, and there aren't many folk who've found a vein. It's rumored there's some in Lavafender, but... That's a hell of a place to dig... literally!"
  • Fierce Mercenary: "Hey, kid. Have you been to the southern cave, Siebenbur, yet? There're ruins a thousand years old down there. We mercs are regularly hired as bodyguards by excavation groups and scholars wanting to see the ruins. It's not bad money, if you've got the patience to deal with the jabbering of scholarly types. Thing is... It's rumored there's some giant monsters running around and breaking up the veins of ore. Eh, I've never come across one, but I'm sure I could easily take down one or two single-handed!" (This opens the Fifth Path.)
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