Royotia Castle - This castle stands as though it looks upon the entire town. It was recently rebuilt after one of the lookout towers collapsed in an earthquake.

First time entering the city:

  • Royotian Soldier (right): "You are in the presence of the Marquis of Royotia. Please be silent."
  • Royotian Soldier (left): "You are in the presence of the Marquis. Please be silent."
  • Qsiti Adviser: "You are in the presence of Marquis Priam. Quiet yourself!" (Is the Marquis suffering from a serious hangover or something?)
  • Priam: "I am Priam, Marquis of Royotia. (No hangover whatsoever) As you can see, our fair city is surrounded on all sides by nature's unforgiving strength. Yet my people live strong and free. Thus I will protect them so this may always be the truth."

After completing the quest The Fiery Revolt:

  • Priam: "Royotia has been saved, thanks to you. This land owes you a debt. You will always be welcome here."

Note: there are two options for the further dialogues, depending on which quests were or were not completed during first disc gameplay.

Option one:

At the beginning of the second disc (if the Emeth Tag was taken):

  • Priam: "The Flame Guardian's prayers went unanswered. I have no more use for this key." (The Blazing Key is obtained.)

Option Two:

At the beginning of the second disc (if the quest The Fiery Revolt has been completed):

  • Priam: "For some reason, my body fails me of late... I just don't know what's come over me. This weakness is simply shameful."

After completing Love Will Rise Again quest:

  • Royotian Soldier (right): "The relationship between countries is very much affected by the countries that surround them."
  • Royotian Soldier (left): "It seemed like the Balterossa army suffered heavy losses."
  • Qsiti Adviser: "Master Paris and Lady Charlotte are still very young. I fear they will suffer many hardships in the future..."
  • Paris: "Thank you, Rush. If you ever need my help, ask for me at the guild hall. I shall do all I can."
  • Priam: "Rush. My gratitude for the Balterossa incident. Thanks to you and my son, we suffered much fewer losses than I'd feared. Still, Paris still has a lot to learn about politics. He still seems a bit awkward with these matters of state."

Parameter bonus dialogues:

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