Remnants are mysterious objects that hold powers beyond men.
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History of RemnantsEdit

No one knows when or how Remnants were created but men have used Remnants as beneficial tools since ancient times. Towns and kingdoms were built around Remnants with strong powers. The Imperial City of Undelwalt was the first to be built around a Remnant.

A powerful Remnant can affect even the environment around it. It is said that a Remnant once caused a flourishing city in the Great Sand Sea to fall into ruin.

To bind a Remnant, one simply needs to place a hand over the Remnant and concentrate. However, a Remnant can only be bound during its Luminescence.

Luminescence is a natural occurrence that causes light to emit from a Remnant. Luminescence occurs in a cycle, the length differing for each Remnant. A short cycle can be a few minutes, while a long cycle can take years. One known Luminescence cycle is that of the Remnant Ark: three months. No one knows why Luminescence occurs. Perhaps it is a signal.

If a Remnant is bound to someone, it cannot be bound by anyone else. A bound Remnant can only be operated by whom it is bound to. A lord bound to a core Remnant is said to have a shorter lifespan than the others.

An unbound Remnant is called a Blank Remnant. A Collapse is a misfortune triggered by a Blank Remnant being unbound for too long. The most common effect of a Collapse is the spawning of monsters. Some forms of Collapse are said to affect people's minds. Operating a Remnant wears away at the operator's soul. The core Remnants of each town are bound by the town's Lord. The Remnant Elysion is currently unbound.

A Remnant's size does not relate to its strength, though the core Remnants have great powers. It is inferred that all Remnants were created from Elysion. Remnants constantly emit resonating waves. They are made from an unknown substance, unaffected by space or time. An unproven theory suggests that Remnants are a type of life form.

Core RemnantsEdit


The Gwayn at Nagapur.

Core Remnants are powerful Remnants found in each town and are bound by the town's Lord.

Blank RemnantsEdit

Blank Remnants are unbound Remnants.

Remnant EquipmentEdit

Although history stated that bound Remnants cannot be bound by another person, it is possible to unequip Remnant equipment to give to another character except for Unique Items during gameplay.

Summon RemnantsEdit

Artificial RemnantsEdit

Although there is only one created Remnant in-game, it bears mentioning as it was the product of illicit research within the Academy.

The AcademyEdit

The Academy is an organization that conducts research about the Remnants. Located in the Assembly Plaza in Elysion.
Members of the Academy

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