Rejuvenating Water
Art Arcana
Rank SS
Modifier -
Target All
Range Long
Effect Recovery
Damage -

[Long-Range] The battlefield is drenched with holy water, substantially restoring the HP and AP of all friendly units.



Name Modifier AP (XBOX) AP (PC) Damage Speed Effect
Rejuvenating Water I 64 153 D Recovery
Rejuvenating Water II 64 153 D Recovery
Rejuvenating Water III 62 148 D Recovery
Rejuvenating Water IV 62 148 C Recovery
Rejuvenating Water V 60 144 C Recovery

Learning Rejuvenating WaterEdit

The following is required to learn the Arcana Rejuvenating Water:

  • Only the leader of a union can learn it.
  • The union attempting to learn or use Rejuvenating Water must be able to perform a Synergy.
  • You need three additional units in the same union capable of using Remedies although using all five units raises your chances.
  • The leader has to use one of the Remedies arts listed below, the three other units any Remedies art.
  • You have to have enough AP to use the Arcana.
  • Arcana don't level by using them as the other arts do. You have to get one of the required "base" arts and learn it again as you did the first time.
  • Most likely you will learn Rejuvenating Water by accident, simply have a union capable of using the arts around and keep on playing. Fighting enemies with huge amount of HP and high damage (like Dragons or Oculus) also raises your chances. On the PC you should turn off all but the required arts (esp. the healing item arts).
  • The best formation for Arcana training is the Orb Formation as it reduces the AP costs.
  • The easiest way to trigger this Synergy is by forcing a whole-team reassessment. An example: Union-1 is the learning union, while Union-2 engaging an enemy is near death and Union-3 is the only union KO'd on the battlefield. Then give both Union-1 and Union-2 a "Bring them back!" command. If Union-2 revives Union-3 first, Union-1 is likely to perform a reassessment to heal Union-2 and thus to trigger the Synergy.
Art Used
Rejuvenating Water Rejuvenating Water II Rejuvenating Water III Rejuvenating Water IV Rejuvenating Water V
Restore V Refresh V Rejuvenate V Revitalize V Support V
Refresh IV Rejuvenate IV Revitalize IV Support IV Kiss of Life IV
Rejuvenate III Revitalize III Support III Kiss of Life III Second Chance III
Revitalize II Support II Kiss of Life II Second Chance II
Support Kiss of Life Second Chance
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