While still a Combat class, the Ranger emphasizes on using Mystic Arts. It is often a necessary step to get to the Mystic classes from Fighter, and is also a good starting point for hybrid classes.

Name Effect Requirement

SPD +3%
Skill [Side On]

STR 29
Expert Ranger

INT +3%
SPD +3%
Skill [Side On]

STR 31
Adept Ranger

INT +3%
SPD +5%
Skill [Side On]

STR 33
Master Ranger

INT +5%
SPD +8%
Skill [Side On]

STR 35
Lordly Ranger

INT +8%
SPD +10%
Skill [Side On]

STR 38
Legendary Ranger

INT +10%
SPD +15%
Skill [Side On]

STR 41

How to Obtain:
The requirement to reach this class is to get the sum of Mystic skill levels at least 2 higher than the sum of Item skill levels while still keeping Strength higher than Intellect. If the difference is smaller, Freelancer will be obtained instead, and if Intellect is higher (reaches 29 first) the Mystic type Sorcerer or Magus classes will be obtained instead.

Class upgrades:
Since this class already established the Mystic skill group as significant, the natural upgrades from here are Mystic or hybrid types (PC only). If Mystics are developed to be the only significant skill group:

Or if another skill group is developed along with Mystics:

To change to the other class types, Items have to become a significant skill group. The possible changes are:
Item Classes

Item + Combat Classes

And finally, if the Item/Mystic balance has been reestablished, these are the possible changes:

  • Swashbuckler: highest Weapon Type is Sword, STR35+
  • Samurai: highest Weapon Type is Katana, STR35+
  • Axman: highest Weapon Type is Axe, STR35+
  • Bludgeoner: highest Weapon Type is Mace, STR35+
  • Lancer: highest Weapon Type is Spear, STR35+
  • Runemaiden: highest Weapon Type is Staff, STR35+
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