You can talk to him in the Royotia Castle when hired to get his parameter bonus.


After the return from Wyrmskeep, complete the quest Love Will Rise Again. Must have completed For Love the Bell Tolls and Goodbye, Sweet Love before the quest becomes available.


Named after the Hero from the ancient trojian war. As is his Father Priam.

Arts/Skills XBOX

Arts/Skills PC

Weapon Upgrades XBOX

BR Balance Combat Mystic
41 - Phoenix Perch -
50 Elite's Greatstaff Elite's Greatstaff Banshee's Dirge
64 Verge of Victory - -
70 Champion's Greatstaff Champion's Greatstaff Champion's Greatstaff
80 Warlord's Greatstaff Warlord's Greatstaff Warlord's Greatstaff
85 Draconile Greatstaff - Soulscepter
90 Divine Greatstaff Divine Greatstaff Divine Greatstaff
100 - - Prismic Greatstaff
110 - Damascene Greatstaff -

Weapon Upgrades PC

Balance Combat Mystic
Phoenix Perch - -
- - Banshee's Dirge
- Verge of Victory -
Warlord's Greatstaff Warlord's Greatstaff Warlord's Greatstaff
Divine Greatstaff Draconile Greatstaff Prismic Greatstaff
Damascene Greatstaff - Soulscepter


Generic (these will be replaced with weapons from the upgrade path)


Balance Physical [?] Mystic
Slot 1 Amulets (AP Increase) Belts (STR Increase) Rings (INT Increase)
Slot 2 Bracelets (HP Increase) Earrings ([Physical] Resist) Necklaces ([Mystic] Resist)

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