The Paladin is a hybrid class focusing on tanking and Psionics.

Name Effect Requirement

[Physical] Resist +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 47 or INT 47
Expert Paladin

[Physical] Resist +1
[Mystic] Resist +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 49 or INT 49
Adept Paladin

[Physical] Resist +2
[Mystic] Resist +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 51 or INT 51
Master Paladin

[Physical] Resist +3
[Mystic] Resist +2
Skill [Defender]

STR 53 or INT 53
Lordly Paladin

[Physical] Resist +4
[Mystic] Resist +3
Skill [Defender]

STR 56 or INT 56
Legendary Paladin

[Physical] Resist +5
[Mystic] Resist +4
Skill [Defender]

STR 61 or INT 61

How to Obtain:
From the previous Mystic+Combat classes, Paladin can be reached simply by training Psionics. From any other class, it's easiest to obtain by training Weapons and Mystic only. Using Items runs a high risk of getting one of the Item-related classes instead.

X360: Units can only start in this class.

Upgrade Options:
PC options:
Being a Rank 5 class the Paladin does not have a lot of upgrade options left. The only straight upgrade is a Sovani class:

For non-Sovani, this is the only straight upgrade:

All of the other higher Rank classes apart from Commander and Alchemist have set minimum skill requirements, which makes changing into them straightforward. The only thing to keep in mind is that a class type change requirement must also be met to reach most of them. These classes are:

X360 options: Since any unit starting in this class will have Mystic > Item, this will likely be their ending class:

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