Master long pole homage to the cyclical serpent.

Disassembles for 8,183g
Necrotic Metal x 2 Black Oil x 2 Snowy Crystal x 2

Upgrade Roots Components Alternate Path Components
Ouroboros Voulge Crooked Spear x1

Necrotic Metal x1
Archfiend Fur x3

Champion's Trident Platinum Ore x2

Mystic Fiend Horn x5
Shed Husk x4

Elite's Trident Royotian Steel x1

Meteorite x1
Mystic Fiend Horn x3

Commander's Trident Vackel Iron x2

Thick Mystic Fiend Fur x6
Amoeba Rawhide x7

Commander's Trident Weapon Recipe 20 x1

Rough Sylph Stone x2
Hydra Scale x3

Warrior's Trident Iron Ore x2

Landworm Talon x4
Anthrovore Fragment x5

Warrior's Trident Baaluk - Shop
Combat Trident Gaslin Copper x2

Light Metal x1
Grand Spider Husk x6

Trident Elysion - Shop
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