The Ordainer is the ultimate Combat class, it can only be obtained by extensive training with every single weapon type. It is one of the very few classes that grant the Safety skill.

Name Effect Requirement

[Combat Arts] +1
Skill [Commander]

STR 59
Minimum Weapon: All Weapons 19
Expert Ordainer

[Combat Arts] +1
Skill [Commander]
Skill [No Instakill]

STR 61
Minimum Weapon: All Weapons 20
Adept Ordainer

[Combat Arts] +2
Skill [Commander]
Skill [No Instakill]

STR 64
Minimum Weapon: All Weapons 21
Master Ordainer

[Combat Arts] +3
Skill [Commander]
Skill [No Instakill]

STR 67
Minimum Weapon: All Weapons 22
Lordly Ordainer

[Combat Arts] +4
Skill [Commander]
Skill [No Instakill]

STR 71
Minimum Weapon: All Weapons 23
Legendary Ordainer

[Combat Arts] +5
Skill [Commander]
Skill [No Instakill]

STR 74
Minimum Weapon: All Weapons 25

X360: This class will stop upgrading if the Item/Mystic Balance requirement is no longer met.

How to Obtain:
Reaching this class requires all Weapon type skills to be at least level 19. As this more or less determines Weapon skill group significance as well, all that's left is to ensure Mystic/Item balance, so whichever is lower needs to be trained. The only things to watch out for are the requirements for Ninja: either avoid using Dual Wield altogether, or make Items the higher skill group while training the Weapon Types.

Upgrade Options:
No possible upgrades.

X360 Notes
Rush's Staff levels are bugged, making it difficult to obtain this class. Despite that, it is possible to at least reach the base Ordainer tier by increasing the base EXP multiplier and obtaining enough Staff EXP to go from Lv.8 to Lv.19.

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