Complete Ring of the Labyrinth Guild Task 25. Available after 18 Party Members.


Weapon Upgrades XBOX

BR Balance Combat Mystic
64 Shogun Katana Shogun Katana Kotetsu
70 Wyrm Katana - -
75 Sacred Katana Sacred Katana Sacred Katana
80 - - Gem Katana
85 - Blackbeak -

Weapon Upgrades PC

Balance Combat Mystic
Ninja Katana - Ninja Katana
Shogun Katana - Shogun Katana
Sacred Katana Kotetsu Gem Katana
Mithril Katana - Mithril Katana
Blackbeak Blackbeak Blackbeak


Generic (these will be replaced with weapons from the upgrade path)


Balance Physical [?] Mystic
Slot 1 Anklets (SPD Increase) Belts (STR Increase) Rings (INT Increase)
Slot 2 Bracelets (HP Increase) Earrings ([Physical] Resist) Necklaces ([Mystic] Resist)

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