A natural black alloy linked with death. It is an extremely hard substance.

Drops [?] Split [?] Harvest [?]
        • None
              • None

              Treasure Disassemble Quest Rewards
              • None
              • None



              • Also disassembles from any weapon with the Runic, Might, Divine, Draconile, Prismic, Damascene, Gem, Wyrm, Sacred, or Mithril prefixes.
              • Also disassembles from any shield with the Serpentis, Crystallus, Caelestis, or Adamanteus suffixes.
              • Also disassembles from any of the items listed above to be upgraded to.
              • Also disassembles from any Sovani weapon with the Dominus suffix.
              • The first harvest point for this item becomes available after entering Undelwalt. However, it can be obtained in unlimited quantities (with sufficient gold and components) after 18 party members by assembling and disassembling a Charm of Grating.
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