First time entering the city:

  • Nagapurian Guard: "The Plain of Luhang that lies in front of Nagapur is the battleground that has protected us from invaders for ages. This is where the legendary warrior of Nagapur, Luhang of Zahaad, fought and beat the entire imperial army. Although this battle may be just a fictional tale, the soldiers of Nagapur still talk about him in awe."
  • Young Devotee: "I've come all the way from Ghor Castle with my friends. What a trek it was over the Heroic Ramparts. Have you seen it yet with your own eyes? It's said that one of the lords of Nagapur built that never-ending castle wall. It's like it's representing the never-ending flow of time."

After the beginning of the second disc:

  • Nagapurian Guard: "Have you seen the Plain of Luhang lately? There isn't a single blade of grass left, thanks to the Gwayn... I still can hardly believe that our protector did that..."
  • Young Devotee: "I've traveled here with my friends from Ghor through the Heroic Ramparts. It's hard to believe the state of this town..."
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