First time entering the city:

  • Bartender: "Welcome to Pub Drachenhauch!"
  • Remnant Fanatic: "You've seen the Gwayn, yes? I've seen many, many Remnants in my time, but nothing is more overwhelming than that one. There's quite powerful-looking one in Balterossa, to the south, but it can't possibly overshadow the Gwayn. Lad, you should go to different lands and see their Remnants with your own eyes."
  • Pub Regular: "Nagapur's previous lord was Lord Oswald Hermeien. He was a very generous and good man, but he suddenly disappeared several years ago. Lord Wilfred claimed the throne not long after. It is only a rumour, but some say that he was set up and thrown out of Wyrmskeep by Lord Wilfred. I certainly hope that isn't the truth. There is nothing uglier than a rivalry between parent and child."
  • Fierce Mercenary: "The Duke of Ghor was a loyal aide to our previous lord. That's why when Nagapur is in trouble his lordship comes to our rescue."
  • Waitress: "I see a lot of black-hooded fellas around the pub lately. They're all so rude and obnoxious! I mean, who brings a white jelly monster to a pub!? The other customers got scared and they all up and left! And here I am, cleaning up after it..."

After the beginning of the second disc:

  • Remnant Fanatic: "I never thought the Gwayn would be capable of anything like this. I thought it was the strongest of them all. Well, I suppose it proved its powers. I just didn't think it would happen like this..."
  • Pub Regular: "Barkeep, you going to stay here and run the pub? I'm going to leave town with my family. But before I go, I wanted to tell you something. That old man who looked familiar to me... I finally figured out who he is. He's the previous lord, Oswald Hermeien! But I guess it doesn't matter now."
  • Fierce Mercenary: "What in the God Emperor's up with this!? Ever since the Duke of Ghor became chairman of the Congress, the people of Ghor Castle have been acting so pompous! I doubt the duke will be in charge for long, though. That yama can't fill the shoes of our Lord Hermeien!"
  • Waitress: "Many lost their lives in the Gwayn debacle, and the pub has lost a lot of customers, too. And the ones who do come here all look so solemn. Though there is a silver lining to what happened. Ever since Lord Hermeien passed, the black-hooded gang hasn't been around. Now this place will be a perfect spot for those to mourn in peace."

Parameter bonus dialogues:

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