Nordenalm - Many facilities and shops line the streets of this district filled with people, from merchants to travelers from other towns.

First time entering the city:

  • Market Lady: "This is the biggest shopping district in Nagapur - Nordenalm. Weapons and accessories, components and items... Products from around the world are sailed here through the canals! There is a pub and guild here as well, if that suits your fancy."
  • Gwayn-Gazing Man: "Look at how gallant the Gwayn stands. With that guarding our town, only a fool would think of invading us... Though, my kid tends to burst into tears when he sees it. I have to admit, it can be slightly intimidating. That's when I tell him that our town stays safe because of that Remnant. The Gwayn protects us from the evil out there!"
  • Waiting Qsiti: "There's quite a large sewer beneath the town. It connects the canals. There have been monsters sightings there of late, so no civilians are allowed to enter that area."

After the beginning of the second disc:

  • Market Lady: "After the Gwayn turned the town into a fiery mess, the survivors all fled to Nordenalm, since most of it was left intact. All we could do was stand and watch while our town went up in flames..."
  • Shopkeeper Johnny: "There've been a lot of cases of kids going missing from town lately. My niece being one of them... I've been doing some searching of my own, but no luck. Dammit! I can't open up a shop with this hanging over my head."
  • Gwayn-Gazing Man: "Everyone's saying that the Gwayn went on a mindless rampage, but I disagree. The town would have been destroyed by the Conqueror if the Gwayn hadn't done what it did. I want to believe... No, I do believe that the Gwayn was trying to protect us from them."
  • Waiting Qsiti: "As long as I live in this town, I'll never be able to forget what happened. This town is absolutely desolate now. So many people have left in fear of the same thing happening again. I'm not one of them, though. I was born here. This is my home. No one could ever get me to leave, no matter what happens."

Parameter bonus dialogues:

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