Flussbahn - A large sluice doubles as the gate to this town.

First time entering the city:

  • Boastful Yama: "You look surprised. Yes, that intimidating dragon you see is indeed Nagapur's treasured Remnant - the Gwayn! The grand castle in front of it is Wyrmskeep, home of our beloved Lord Wilfred Hermeien."
  • Nagapurian Guard: "Directions to Wyrmskeep, you say? There's a boat you can take to get there. The dock is just beneath us. Though I don't know if they let commoners like you on board."
  • Devoted Man: "There is no one more powerful and influential than our lord, Wilfred Hermeien. He is born leader and chairman of the Congress. Being named chairman means that he is the most powerful and admired man on the continent. I feel honored to be a citizen here."
  • Canal Watcher: "I'm waiting for someone. It's been three years since he's gone south. But I have faith that he'll return. I'll continue to wait for him as long as I have to."
  • Dock Worker (red bubble): "This is the dock. The boat to Wyrmskeep is just about to leave. Kid, you need a ride?"
Rush: "Yeah! Thanks, boat guy!" (Cutscene is triggered and Dave leaves for the meeting. We can't leave Nagapur now. Rush: "I probably shouldn't go out there alone...")
Rush: "Nah, I get seasick easily."
Dock Worker: "Alright. Just let me know if you change your mind. But remember - I can only allow people who've been granted permission to step on the boat."
  • Dock Worker (grey bubble): "This is the dock. Sorry, kiddo. This boat IS headed to Wyrmskeep, but I can only let you on if you've been granted access by Lord Hermeien."
  • Dock Worker (after cutscene with Hermeien): "The Marquis? No, he's not back yet. Why don't you take the time to look around town a little more?"

After we enter Nagapur to pay a visit at Wyrmskeep, escaping is hard:

  • David: "Rush, we must hurry to Wyrmskeep. We cannot afford to waste another minute!" (And we go and we waste them...)
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