A bustling metropolis protected by the Remnant Gwayn. Canals are found everywhere due to flood control measures.

This city is non-missable. You will have to visit it through the story. Use the north-east exit of Heroic Ramparts to unlock the city on the world map.


Disc 1Edit

Disc 2Edit

Places of InterestEdit

Nordenalm Flussbahn Sudenalm

Equipment shop logo Hemelos Armory

Consumable shop logo Items by Dorenzio

Component shop logo Silvan's Components

Mixed shop logo Gifts of Remembrance

Customization shop logo Ver Saint Workshop

Pub logo Pub Drachenhauch

Union of the golden chalice logo Union of the Golden Chalice

Mixed shop logo Darney's Stuff

Mixed shop logo Lily's Select Shop

Mixed shop logo Cafe Riverside Shop

Mixed shop logo Mrs. Harle's Cheery Shop

Mixed shop logo Uru's Specialty Shop

Guilds Edit

Union of the Golden Chalice Edit

Note: Many of the generic leaders in Nagapur disappear after different story events, so it is better to recruit them ASAP if you want them.

Dialogues Edit

Warning: All Dialogues sections contain tons of spoilers.

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