From time to time you will capture a monster after the fight. The monster will be listed along with the dropped items. There are two choices now: keep the monster and sell it or take it apart for the items listed on the bottom of the screen.

Quick FactsEdit

Here some facts for the splitting:

  • Each monster has a fixed list of four items it might be split into.
The items can be found at the monster pages.
  • The actual items presented are random, you'll get 2-4 from the list.
  • Some of the split items are rare, only patience helps here.
  • The items vary for each captured monster.
So when you caught multiple monsters and the first one does not have the item you are searching for - split it to get to the next monster which might have a new set of items it splits into (though this is not guaranteed).
  • The amount is random in the lower single-digit range with usually only one for a rare item.
  • Boss monster can't be captured and therefore not split.
  • There is an XBOX 360 achievement for splitting 500 monsters.

Exact MechanicsEdit

Behind the scenes, the game treats captured monsters as normal item drops. This means two things:

  • If the captured monster does not appear on the droplist of a monster, then you can never capture that monster.
  • If the monster can be captured, the capture rate is calculated as an item drop and is affected by the same factors.

Each captured monster has exactly 4 different components it can be split into, each of these has a base chance of appearing, and a maximum value that can be split from the monster. The game makes 10 passes over the split list to determine the final splits, using the base chance for each item every time, but not allowing any of them to go above the maximum value. This makes it very likely to get the maximum amount allowed for common components, and it also gives even really rare items a fair chance of appearing.

A very important thing to note is that the components received from a split monster are not affected by any factor other than the base chances, which means that no amount of chaining, linking, or anything else will increase the chances of getting a specific split from a monster. Also, unlike monster drops, which can be different for each location the monster appears in, the captured monster is always the same item regardless of location, and can thus be split into the same components anywhere.

The game only stores one instance of split components for each captured monster item, so if you captured more than one of the same monster in a battle, splitting the first one will reroll the chances for the next one.

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