From time to time you will capture a monster after the fight. The monster will be listed along with the dropped items. There are two choices now: keep the monster and sell it or take it apart for the items listed on the bottom of the screen. It should be noted that captured monsters generally have a lower drop rate on the X360 than they do on the PC. The values on the wiki reflect the PC rates.

Here some facts about selling monsters:

  • Each monster is worth a fixed amount of gold. The value is listed on the monster pages.
  • Selling monsters unlocks more goods at the shops. See Trade Goods and Commerce Points for details.
  • The number of monsters required for unlocking a certain item is based on the number of points each family of monsters is worth (eg: Dragons are generally worth more points than Crabs).
    • Rare monsters are worth more points and also contribute to unlocking Imperator equipment.
  • It does not matter where you sell the monsters, each shop can be used.
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