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Data Collection

Hit point mechanics are still being investigated. You can help by logging the results of your encounters on the talk page for the monster in question (the "Talk" button is on the same line as the monster name). Ideally you should record a low and high value (maximum damage sustained while monster is still alive and total damage dealt to kill monster), your Battle Rank, the system you are playing on, and if playing on PC, the difficulty level. See here for an example.

Why doesn't the Wiki tell me how many Hit Points (Monster X) has?

Most rare monster pages, some bosses and the occasional regular monster have some approximate HP values listed. However, these may or may not match up to your experience depending on:

  • Your Battle Rank
  • The format that you are playing on (Xbox or PC)
  • The monster's Battle Rank (random within a small range)

Read on if you want to know more...

Hit Point Scaling With Battle Rank

Other than for The Conqueror and the monsters in the very first fight the game will randomly assign a BR for every monster. However, the way BR is determined for rare monsters is different than regular monsters and bosses.

Normal Monsters & Bosses BR

Normal Monsters & Bosses BR is always random within a small range, but this range changes when the player's BR reaches certain thresholds.

Rare Monsters BR

Rare monsters initially also have a BR range, but they also have a "Bonus BR" range and a maximum BR. The bonus BR is chosen at random and is added to the player's BR.
The game will use the initial BR range until the player's BR added to the Bonus BR becomes higher than it, it will then use this sum until it reaches the maximum BR.

On XBOX rare monsters HP doesn't scale and they will always have the HP value of their minimum BR.

HP scaling

Once the monster BR has been determined, the game calculates it's HP.

Each monster has a base HP value and uses 1 of the 6 HP growth tables to determine its final HP value. The exact formula is:

HP = RoundDown (Previous BR HP * ( 1 + growth from table / 1000), 2)

The final value is rounded down.