This lists all the monsters by their family. List is sorted by the average initial stats of each monster (it's relatively safe to say that the first families is the easiest to combat). Families with flying monsters have blue rows, Families with walking monsters have green and the Remnant families have red. For more details on each family please visit their pages.

Ranking system here is not based on some clear numbers but tries to consider three things for an average family's regular monster. These thing are: the monster timeline apperance, the monster arts and the monster HP. So each rank can be guessed as follows:
C -- monsters appear early in the game around Wagram and the Fiery Idol storyline event, cannot cast "human" mystic arts (such as Snare Shot or Poison Gas), cannot deadlock more than one union, have very low HP (1 -- 10000) and often can be seen in great numbers.
B -- monsters appear on all stages of the game but may be considered the weakest enemies around, can cast "human" mystic arts (ranks A-C), cannot deadlock more than one union, have a limited amount of HP (10000-50000).
A -- monsters appear on middle or later stages of the game and can often be seen in groups with no more than 1-4 units, can cast "human" mystic arts (ranks A-C), can cast some strong spells heavily affecting many units at once (ex. Acidbreath) or taking out the whole unit (ex. Merry-go-round). The monsters of this rank are almost always huge in size and have much HP (20000-100000).
S -- monsters appear on the later stages of the game and can often be seen in groups with no more than 1-4 units, can cast "human" mystic arts of any ranks (such as Bewitch or Grenade Impact), can cast some exceptionally strong spells taking out the whole unit (Predation, Switch, Black Out), heavily affecting many units (Thunderbreath) or the entire battlefield (X-Ray Vision, Insignia arts). The monsters of this rank often like to play with morale (ex. Desperate Wail) and have a vast amount of HP (30000-1000000).
SS -- These boss monsters are the best the game can offer. They can be pretty weak if you happen to meet them on the early stages of the game and can be overwhelmingly tough so that you're required to explore the game for many hours only to be on a par with them. HP varies from 50000 to 3000000. The most powerful foe in the game is the optional rare The Lost which cannot just be beaten by attaining a high battle rank and requires the player to perfect all the aspects of the game's battle system before-hand.

This ranking system is not final and can be very subjective and sometimes incorrect. It also is a subject to change if someone has a better idea how it must be done (please discuss it on the discussion page).

Families and short descriptions

Icon Rank Name Short description Regular units+rares
FlyFamilyIco2 C Fly "These guys aren't even worth fighting..." but some of them can still be pretty annoying. These avian insects fell adversaries on all sorts of terrain, using poison or calling for help (Cavalry Call). 4+8
GrandSpiderFamilyIco C Grand Spider Grand Spiders are quite bright... beetles enjoy attacking in great numbers. Some of them can be buried underground, unburrowing in a players vicinity making a surprise attack. They are one of the most common weak enemies in the game and are seen in almost any cave, tunnel, or ruin you can find. However, a rare Opiliones must not be underestimated! 4+8
LandwormFamilyIco C Landworm Looking like a big horned larva with a head these strange creatures tend to be stronger than the Flies or Spiders. Their destructive jumping (Squash) resembles that of the Armorshell but they are almost never interdisperse due to their differences in habitat. Certain specimens use Self-Destruct dealing a lot of damage to a union, so take care! 4+8
RaptorFamilyIco C Raptor These big bulls like rocky areas and are considerably rare throughout the game. They are weak and not much of a challenge in the later stages of the game. Most species can use some A or B rank art like Hurtle or Pushback that takes advantage of their bulk. 4+8
AlbicQsitiFamilyIco B Albic Qsiti A branch of outcasts from the very intelligent qsiti race. These albinos are quite capable of fighting. They prefer to use potions (antivenin, creams and salves) and fight with a variety of different combat arts. They live in dungeons to avoid sunlight which they are sensitive to, being albino. The origin of their displeasure with the world and the other qsitis is vague (maybe the underground life is the key). 1+4
AmoebaFamilyIco B Amoeba Odd and somewhat disturbing flying, electrical entities that are quite troublesome and can deal a surprising amount of damage. These fearless and widespread creatures turn invisible when stationary and can use a variety of mystic arts such as Caustic Blast and Permafrost along with their speciality of thunder attacks (Static Shock, Thunderweb, Spark). 4+8
AnthrovoreFamilyIco B Anthrovore These overgrown plants can roam around various areas slowly, using their hand-like branches, which they also use to attack. The guess is they eventually grow into Treants if enough victims are devoured. They do not usually pose much of a threat but can use Caustic Blast or Permafrost. 3+10
ButterflyFamilyIco B Butterfly Large winged Insectae corrupted by the influence of Remnants. When not casting Invocations, their mighty wings can Double Slap several foes at once whilst their Blaster skill can just outright Instakill your troops one at a time. 6+9
FenrisFamilyIco B Fenris These fairly annoying creatures are able to outrun you on the field and often come in packs. Their speed is proven during battle as they intercept a player's unions. Their tactics often revolve around centering on one union at a time. 4+8
CrabFamilyIco B Crab Relatively small and stubby creatures with four-legs, two powerful pincers and a large oyster shaped head that can be found almost anywhere that has large bodies of water. Most species have high defence and are powerful in large groups as the protrusions on their heads can release poison. They are easily captured and sell for a good price at shops. 5+9
GrandBeetleFamilyIco B Grand Beetle Such huge creatures as these may look very dangerous and still there is no real reason to fear them. However, Grand Beetles can be quite deadly at the beginning of the game, being further grown and more resilient than their somewhat larval Lanworm cousins. You can scare them easily but beware of their Squashing tactics. They can Multi-Deadlock more than 1 union because of their size. 3+10
HomunculusFamilyIco B Homunculus Idols created out of animated earth, rock and perhaps other things unnatural. They also have the ability to change the shape of their limbs into an Arm Spear. Various types can cast basic Psionics and Invocations but one thing they all have in common is the ability to Self Destruct. 3+8
HydraFamilyIco B Hydra Large terrifying creatures with multiple tentacles and a long tail that over-hangs it's head. Their arsenal include high powered attacks such as Laser Breath and Screech. They are to be avoided, especially at the first stages of the game. 3+9
ImpFamilyIco B Imp These power-hungry and rather savage beasts roam the fields throughout the game. Some are able to cast various potions such as Shield Potion. This family is known for its Bumrush and Body check tactics as well as their occasional wont to call allies. 4+10
JhanaFamilyIco B Jhana A rather primitive race too feral to be accepted into Remnant society. Though they possess intelligence enough to weild an array of weapons and magics, they rarely stray from their native mountains and dungeons. 6+8
LeapFrogFamilyIco B Leap Frog Odd amphibions, overall favoring swampy shallows than to the rather beach-like habitats of crabs. Employing poisons and body slams to swarm adversaries, they actually aren't commonly seen throughout the main storyline. 3+8
ManticoreFamilyIco B Manticore These venomous pests roam humid deserts and caves and commonly travel in packs or in legion with larger beasts, like Spiritlords. They are quite strong and fast for their size and shouldn't be taken lightly. 3+8
OarfishFamilyIco B Oarfish Odd creatures somewhat resembling butterflies except that they prefer areas similar to those that contain manticores and leap frogs. They attack with a variety of spins and charges and are uncommonly powerful. 3+8
VileLizardFamilyIco B Vile Lizard Rather nasty reptiles common through the beginnings of the game, but become scarce afterwards. They rely mostly on their speed to fight their fights and are not usually seen out of dark ruins and similar areas. 3+8
VultureFamilyIco B Vulture Members of this family are only to be avoided at the first stages of the game as they are quite powerful and can be very dangerous (like crowds of Hraesvelgs at Mt. Vackel). 3+9
BanditsIco B Bandits An assorted collection of fortune hunters found in different areas across the continent. Besides dropping money, they are the source of rare recipes and can use weak "human" spells and combat arts (Paralyze Gas, Smoke Canister, Nimble Knee Splitter). 0+8
AzhdahaFamilyIco A Azhdaha Though smaller then their Demon counterparts, make no mistake in their power as they can be almost every bit as deadly. Their smaller and more agile bodies can just as readily summon forth a twister while their surefire ability can drop any complacent adversary to their knees. 4+11
ChimeraFamilyIco A Chimera Similar in movement and tactics to Hydras (though far more intimidating), Chimeras are that extra bit more nasty. Rare outside of very dark places, Chimeras behave similar to a high-tier Hydra. 5+10
ColossusFamilyIco A Colossus Intimidating at first glance and deadly when encountered in battle, these guys love to show off their hammerspin, a move that will hit any unit that is within range. Having one of them alone is ideal, but you can't bet on it. 3+9
SpiritlordFamilyIco A Spiritlord Monstrous birds that appear almost everywhere. They use Curse on the first round of every battle, use deadly breath attacks (Acidbreath and Whitebreath), and can use various hexes. 3+11
TreantFamilyIco A Treant Presumably an ancient or fully-grown Arthrovore, Treants behave much how one would expect of them, using various gases and arm-flails to topple foes. They are uncommon throughout, but can be seen in high-altitude rocky regions. 4+10
WyvernFamilyIco A Wyvern Reminiscent of flying skeletons, these birds are good fighters. Spells like Acidbreath, Whitebreath or Whirlwind make them formidable foes. 3+8
DemonFamilyIco S Demon Larger and more fearsome then their Azhdaha counterparts, these creatures are the true embodiment of evil. Though an entry level Demon is limited to using Merry-go-round, the more powerful species have plenty of skills to truely make any encounter a nightmare for the inexperienced. Both Twister and Thunderbreath demonstrate their power over nature while the ability to cast Switch shows off their ability to survive. Every bit as intelligent as they are brutal, the further advanced are versed in the arts of Psionics and Hexes. 3+10
DragonFamilyIco S Dragon Noble and proud creatures, it is rare for these mythical beasts to venture from their roosts. They can Multi-Deadlock up to 3 unions. Their Desperate Wail can strike fear no matter how confident their assailants may be, whilst their Vulcanbreath can make quick work out your entire troop. 6+12
OculusFamilyIco S Oculus These flying eyes can cause fear in an unprepared soul. They have some sinister and angry expression, use very strong spells (both for units (Switch) and area (Discharge) and have a lot of HPs. If you would like to test your emotional stability, try to fight an Observer, keeping it alive for more than 2-3 rounds at least (but don't say that you have not been warned)! 3+9
PhantomFamilyIco S Phantom Make no mistake as these beautiful fragile looking creatures are very dangerous! They can immobilize you while you are trying to outrun them! These remnant foes can use powerful spells such as Blackout or Bewitch. Their arsenal also includes the most dangerous area or unit based spells. 1+5
BossMonstersIco A-SS Boss Monster ?+?
RemnantMonsterIco S-SS Remnant Monster 0+22
Total 33 families ?+?
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