While still a Combat type class, the Monk emphasizes item use, and is likely the first step on the way to obtain the true Item classes.

Name Effect Requirement

Max HP +5%
Skill [Defender]

STR 29
Expert Monk

Max HP +5%
Init AP +5%
Skill [Defender]

STR 31
Adept Monk

Max HP +10%
Init AP +5%
Skill [Defender]

STR 33
Master Monk

Max HP +15%
Init AP +10%
Skill [Defender]

STR 35
Lordly Monk

Max HP +20%
Init AP +15%
Skill [Defender]

STR 38
Legendary Monk

Max HP +25%
Init AP +20%
Skill [Defender]

STR 41

How to Obtain:
The only requirement to reach this class is that the sum of Item skill levels must at least 2 higher than the sum of Mystic skill levels. If the difference is smaller, Freelancer will be obtained instead.

Upgrade options:
Since Items are already established as a significant skill group for reaching this class, the natural upgrades are the Item or Item hybrid (PC) classes:

To change to any other class type, Mystics must become a significant skill group:

If Mystics are developed into another significant skill group along with either Items or Weapons:

If the Item/Mystic balance is reestablished:

  • Swashbuckler: highest Weapon Type is Sword, STR35+
  • Samurai: highest Weapon Type is Katana, STR35+
  • Axman: highest Weapon Type is Axe, STR35+
  • Bludgeoner: highest Weapon Type is Mace, STR35+
  • Lancer: highest Weapon Type is Spear, STR35+
  • Runemaiden: highest Weapon Type is Staff, STR35+
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