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Minuas is available after [[Numor Mine]]
Minuas is available after [[Numor Mine]]
==Arts and Skills==
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'''Starting: '''
* [[Item Arts#Lotions|Lotions]] -
'''Learnt: '''
* [[Combat Arts|?]]

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Minuas is available after Numor Mine


Accessories Used

HP Related AP Related

Weapon Upgrades

BR25 - Commander's Tabar-Zin

BR37 - Elite's Tabar-Zin

BR45 - Champion's Tabar-Zin

BR69 - Warlord's Tabar-Zin

BR80 - Draconile Tabar-Zin

BR95 - Divine Tabar-Zin

Starting Statistics, Weapons and Arts - Please Note
As Battle Rank increases, starting weapons and arts will improve and starting statistics will increase slightly.
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