Prized longsaber fitted with the Mermaid's Barrel.

Disassembles for 2,558g
Heavy Metal x 2 Orichalcum x 1 Sapphire Crystal x 1

Upgrades to Demonblade for 37,440g
Weapon Recipe 41 x1 Necrotic Metal x2 Tough Killer Insect Husk x2

  Basic Customization

Upgrade Roots Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Mermaid's Malice Mermaid's Barrel x1 Gold Ore x1 Dragon Liver x1
Daimyo Otachi Royotian Steel x3 Land Insecta Talon x6 Large Feather x5
Samurai Otachi Steel Ore x2 Talon x7 Amoeba Rawhide x6
Ronin Otachi Gaslin Copper x2 Timber x4 Beastman Talon x3
Battle Otachi Copper Ore x2 Fly Needle x4 Beastman Talon x3
Otachi Celapaleis - Shop Athlum - Shop


Mermaid's Malice requires a Dragon Liver, which can be easily missed. It can only be split from Gomei and Dragons. Since Dragons in most locations are replaced by Dread Dragons at a high Battle Rank (varies based on location), only certain locations will have the regular Dragon at that point. They will remain Dragons in The Southwestern Road on the X360, and in Crookfen on the PC. Gomei in The Great Sand Sea, although a one-time rare, is another choice as it has a 100% capture rate.

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