After David finally gets independence for Athlum, he must go speak with the God Emperor in Undelwalt.

Traveling to Undelwalt[edit | edit source]

To get to Undelwalt, you must cross Berechevaltelle and then scale Mt. Vackel. If you haven't already entered Berechevaltelle and exited through the Eastern exit, do so now to unlock Mt. Vackel.

Now climb Mt. Vackel, going from the Wishful Way to the Pearly Peak and proceed to the peak. The Heaven's Lord rare monster will block the exit and must be defeated in order to exit to the World Map.

Mrdiggs icon.png A Mr. Diggs Morsel is located in Mt. Vackel - Pearly Peak at location F-14.

Entering Undelwalt[edit | edit source]

The time has come to enter Undelwalt, but please read the following warning closely!

WarningSign.png The quest The Fallen will permanently disappear upon entering Undelwalt! If you want to unlock the final quest, X360 achievement, and true final boss, you must finish this quest before stepping foot in Undelwalt!
  • PC: This quest also unlocks the final dungeon, The Ancient Ruins, which is tied to several guild tasks, contains great loot and component drops for the best weapons and shields in the game.
  • Many players might find it nearly impossible to finish the quest The Fallen since it requires killing one of the hardest bosses in the game. You may have to go fight for some time in order to finish the quest. The PC Ultimate Grind or Grinding Bai Ze pages may be helpful.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Now that you have entered Undelwalt, new quest have opened up.

Quest icon.png The quests Undelwalt's Witch, Balterossa's Witch, Royotia's Witch, Melphina's Witch, Baaluk's Witch, and The Villain and the Sightless Girl are now available.

Khrynia avatar.png After completing Baaluk's Witch (requires all other "Witch" quests to be completed), Khrynia can be recruited at the Elysion Union of the Golden Chalice guild.

Optional Content[edit | edit source]

DLC Bosses[edit | edit source]

There are now another three special monster encounters available to fight. On the X360 version you have to simply download the DLC from the Marketplace for free. On the PC version, you have to complete certain guild tasks to be given special items as noted below.

New Locations[edit | edit source]

You can now open up the following optional area you won't see during the story line.

Meeting the God Emperor[edit | edit source]

After exploring Undelwalt, head to the Castellum in Undelwalt to meet the God Emperor.

The city of Undelwalt.

WarningSign.png Do not go through the teleporter in front of the God Emperor until you completed the quest The Gates of Deceit and Sword of the Dead. Otherwise the quest will permanently disappear.
Quest icon.png The quest The Distant Promise is now available.

When the cutscene is over, use the teleporter to be beamed to a familiar place. Follow the only path and touch the devices to continue. The large area is a bit of a maze, simply follow the orange marks on the ground. Open the Sacred Lands Door at the end for a cutscene.

The Holy Plains Battle[edit | edit source]

After the cutscene, the Holy Plain will be available on the World Map.

When ready, proceed to the Holy Plain where another large battlefield fight will start after a brief cutscene.

See the Holy Plain page for details about the battle such as what enemies you will face. After the battle, a brief cutscene begins.

Quest icon.png The quests History's Boundary and Things Unchangeable (if you completed all quests prior to this, except for At Hatred's End on the PC) are now available.

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