The Magus is the generic Mystic class for non-healers. It is still limited to the Adept class level.

Name Effect Requirement

Max AP +5%
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 29
Expert Magus

Max AP +5%
INT +3%
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 31
Adept Magus

Max AP +10%
INT +3%
[Invocations] +1
Skill [Esoteric]

INT 33

How to Obtain:
The only requirement to reach this class is to have a Mystic skill higher than Remedies. If Remedies is the highest skill, Sorcerer will be obtained instead.

Upgrade options:
Keeping the high Mystic skill sum, these are the following upgrades:

If the Item/Mystic balance is (re)established/none of the Mystic skills are significant and STR becomes significant, these options are also available:

  • Swashbuckler: highest Weapon Type is Sword, STR35+
  • Samurai: highest Weapon Type is Katana, STR35+
  • Axman: highest Weapon Type is Axe, STR35+
  • Bludgeoner: highest Weapon Type is Mace, STR35+
  • Lancer: highest Weapon Type is Spear, STR35+
  • Runemaiden: highest Weapon Type is Staff, STR35+
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