Client: Charlotte
Location: Balterossa - Café Moondust

Availability Edit

After the return from Wyrmskeep. You also have to complete the quest Goodbye, Sweet Love.

Quest DetailsEdit

Royotia wants to become independent of Balterossa's trade routes and war clouds are gathering over Balterossa. Charlotte hopes to stop the war by talking to Paris and asks for your help in reaching Royotia.

XBOX RewardEdit

PC RewardEdit

  • Paris can be recruited at the guild

There are four different rewards reported so far. It seems that dragging the fight out and/or killing the bosses last nets you Reward 4, whereas you get Reward 1 if you go for the bosses first. Evidence suggests that the primary factor in determining reward is the length of the battle. (unconfirmed, please check the talk page for more info).

Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Reward 4
  • 2,500g


Quest LogEdit

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