Common tall pole strong enough to unhorse the most steadfast of riders.

Disassembles for 16g
Commemorative Medal x1 Vine x1 Small Feather x2

Upgrades to Combat Lance for 1,660g
Copper Ore x2 Fenris Horn x6 Insecta Juices x6
Upgrades to Elite's Lance for 31,200g
Sharp Greater Flauros Fang x1 Royotian Steel x1 Albic Liver x1

  Unlocked by acquiring the Sharp Greater Flauros Fang (permanent).

Upgrades to Champion's Lance for 56,060g
Weapon Recipe 43 x1 Royotian Steel x6 Linen Cloth x4

  Unlocked by acquiring the Weapon Recipe 43 (permanent).

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