Location/Quest Common (45%) Uncommon (30%) Rare (15%) Very Rare (3%)
Dillmoor Raptor Scale Raptor Horn Mystic Fiend Scale Relaxing Herb
The Ivory Peaks Fur Raptor Horn Mystic Fiend Scale Cureleaf
Gaslin Caves Raptor Horn Mystic Fiend Scale Thick Mystic Fiend Fur Refreshing Herb
The Ivory Peaks Thick Mystic Fiend Fur Captured King Raptor Mystic Fiend Husk Curebulb

Magazine Drops


Mystic Fiend Husk (50%) Raptor Carapace (40%) Raptor Hide (20%) Pointed King Raptor Fang (10%)


  • Charge
     Charge II (BR 20+), III (BR 34+)
  • Hurtle (from BR 43)
     Hurtle II (BR 58+), III (BR 71+)
  • Panacea (from BR 26)
     Panacea II (BR 40+), III (BR 54+)

Related Guild Tasks

  • none

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