Jorgen is located at the Café Moondust pub in Balterossa.

You can get Jorgen after completing the quest Amnesia.

There are 7 different variants of Jorgen, depending on what items you give him in the quest. You can only get 1 of the 7 in a single playthrough.

Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Jorgen (General) Shield Sword Staff Jorgen (Warrior) Sword Staff Bandanna
Shield Sword Book Sword Boots Bandanna
Shield Sword Letter Sword Belt Bandanna
Shield Staff Book Sword Bandanna Letter
Shield Staff Letter Jorgen (Adventurer) Sword Staff Book
Shield Book Boots Sword Staff Letter
Shield Book Bandanna Sword Boots Book
Shield Book Letter Sword Boots Belt
Shield Bandanna Letter Sword Boots Letter
Jorgen (Sage) Shield Boots Letter Sword Book Bandanna
Sword Staff Boots Sword Belt Letter
Sword Staff Belt Staff Boots Book
Sword Book Belt Staff Boots Belt
Sword Book Letter Staff Boots Bandanna
Staff Book Letter Staff Boots Letter
Boots Book Letter Staff Belt Book
Book Belt Letter Staff Belt Bandanna
Book Bandanna Letter Staff Belt Letter
Jorgen (Raider) Shield Sword Boots Staff Book Bandanna
Shield Sword Belt Staff Bandanna Letter
Shield Sword Bandanna Boots Book Belt
Shield Staff Boots Boots Book Bandanna
Shield Staff Belt Boots Belt Bandanna
Shield Staff Bandanna Boots Belt Letter
Shield Book Belt Boots Bandanna Letter
Shield Belt Bandanna Book Belt Bandanna
Shield Belt Letter Belt Bandanna Letter
Jorgen (Aristocrat) Shield Boots Bandanna Jorgen (Djin) Shield Boots Belt
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