This is no single rare monster but a (very long) boss fight against multiple Jhana groups. It is available after having 18 party members. The Eye of the King is required and must have visited the Ring of the Labyrinth to activate Task 63 to spawn them.

XBOX only: The item is a free downloadable content.

PC only: Must complete Ring of the Labyrinth Task 59 to gain the eye.

You will find the royals at the location R-8 in the Heroic Ramparts and you can fight them only once. Defeating them fulfills Ring of the Labyrinth Guild Task 63.

All enemies are in "boss mode", hiding their HP and capable of using their strongest attacks. The Shaman groups will heal themselves and other unions and the mage unions can use Arcana, so try to finish those at first.

The battle begins with four unions, two Jhana Fighter (~ 60,000 HP), one Jhana Magus (~ 60,000 HP) and one Jhana Shaman (~40,000 HP). Additional reinforcements appear over time, one each turn - one Jhana Shaman, one Jhana Magus and one Jhana Fighter. The unions will contain a mix of their normal and Arch variants (Jhana Archfighter, Jhana Archmagus, Jhana Archshaman).

The Ala Melvilana Fusion will appear once you defeated all the Jhana.

The royals finally show themselves when you take it out. The Jhana King and Jhana Queen (both > 175,000 HP) are accompanied by two Jhana Shaman, one Jhana Magus and one Jhana Fighter union. The King is accompanied with Jhana Magus units, and the Queen is accompanied with Jhana Shaman units. They also have a very high chance of using Arcana like Blackout (King) or Animalcule (Queen). After the King and Queen are defeated the battle is won.

Possible drops from the fight are:

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