Torgal, the other Generals, and David join Rush's party.

As noted previously, Dillmoor is now unlocked and is the destination for the next story segment. Head to Dillmoor on the World Map.

Try a Timeshift[edit | edit source]

Upon entering Dillmoor, a trio of Divains are in a pack together just up the hill. This is a good opportunity to try out your new Timeshift ability. Approach the monsters on the slope. They move around a bit, so wait until all three are close together, then hit your Timeshift button. This slows time, essentially freezing the Divains in place as you move into range. When you're close enough that all three Divains are "marked" (the icons above their heads are highlighted red), quickly initiate battle.

Be sure to collect the chest straight ahead from where you enter, against the far wall. It contains various healing items.

Fight across the Bridge[edit | edit source]

Continue fighting your way up the slope through Divain and Raptor unions until you reach the bridge that is guarded by Jhana troops. Don't miss the useful Dillmoor map in the treasure chest just south of the bridgehead. Fight your way across the bridge and then clean up the monsters on the far side. You see a transporter there too, but don't use it yet.

Mrdiggs icon.png A Mr. Diggs Morsel is located near a broken stone pillar in Dillmoor.

Approach the Village Ruins[edit | edit source]

More Jhana Fighter and Archfighter are posted along a curling route south of the bridge. The path curves down to a big gate called the "Plateau Door" leading right into the mountainside. You can defeat the Jhana and explore this door, but you'll learn it's sealed shut and can't be opened yet. Head north uphill toward the broken pillars that mark the ruins of the once-peaceful village of Dillmoor.

Defeat the Vicious Plant and Its Vile Minions[edit | edit source]

Your approach to the ruins triggers a cutscene.

After the Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

After the Vicious Plant falls, you automatically end up back in the Athlum Castle throne room, where another cutscene begins.

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