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Client: Priam
Location: Royotia


Available as soon you enter Royotia. Has to be done before leaving the Aqueducts! Going to Royotia Castle after that point will cause the Marquis to give you the Blazing Key without activating this quest. In Disc 2 talking to the Marquis twice is needed to get the key.

Quest Details

A soldier at The Firestone informs you that the Marquis Priam requests your presence. Head to the castle and talk to him. Seems like the Flame Guardian wants to see you. Upon accepting the quest you receive the Blazing Key and are redirected to Lavafender.

Mrdiggs icon.png A Mr. Diggs Morsel is located at Depths of the Underworld, location C-14, which can be picked up next to the Map for Depths of the Underworld.



Quest Log