Hundred Flowers
Hundred Flowers

Hundred Flowers

Art Unique Art
Leader Emmy
Modifier Godly Slash
AP Xbox360 0
AP PC 50
Target Single
Effect -
Damage Heavy
Skill -
Style -
Type Physical
Strength B
Speed C

An art unique to Emmy. An intricate dance leaving the foe sliced to ribbons. Heavy damage to a unit.

How to ObtainEdit

Xbox360: The art is automatically obtained when Emmy is recruited.

PC: The art is learned after the boss fight at the end of the quest The Fated One.


  • PC Only: This Art is only usable when Emmy is set as a Union Leader.
  • PC Only: When Emmy's union is near death (HP<30%/flashing red).


  • Higher trigger rate when Emmy's union is near death.
  • Can be dodged, but can't be blocked.

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