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Availability[edit | edit source]

Complete Union of the Golden Chalice Task 70 and the quest Blooming Flower, Singing Bird. Can be recruited at the Union of the Golden Chalice guild in Nagapur.

Arts/Skills PC

  • Twin Snowpetal (Assisted Unique Art) - requires Hannah in the same union, either as the union leader
     Note: only appears in Hannah's arts list

Weapon Upgrades PC

Balance Combat Mystic
Azureblade Virtutis Azureblade Virtutis Azureblade Virtutis
Nightbloom Mist Nightbloom Mist Nightbloom Mist


Generic (these will be replaced with weapons from the upgrade path)


Balance Physical [?] Mystic
Slot 1 Bracelets (HP Increase) Belts (STR Increase) Rings (INT Increase)
Slot 2 Anklets (SPD Increase) Earrings ([Physical] Resist) Necklaces ([Mystic] Resist)

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