The Healer, as its name suggests, is a Mystic class focused on healing. There are no known Arts classed as Remedies that deal damage which makes Remedies Resist a useless bonus (it doesn't affect healing).

Name Effect Requirement

[Remedies] +1
Skill [Medic]

INT 35
Expert Healer

[Remedies] +1
[Remedies] Resist +1
Skill [Medic]

INT 37
Adept Healer

[Remedies] +2
[Remedies] Resist +1
Skill [Medic]

INT 39
Master Healer

Init AP +5%
[Remedies] +3
[Remedies] Resist +2
Skill [Medic]

INT 41
Lordly Healer

Init AP +5%
[Remedies] +4
[Remedies] Resist +3
Skill [Medic]

INT 44
Legendary Healer

Init AP +10%
[Remedies] +5
[Remedies] Resist +4
Skill [Medic]

INT 48

How to Obtain:
This class is a straight upgrade from the Mystic starting classes for characters using Remedies. Getting this from Combat type classes requires either INT significance, or Mystic only skill group significance.

Upgrade Options:
If Mystics are kept as the only significant skill group:

  • Wizard: highest Mystic skill is Psionics, INT41+
  • Bishop: highest Mystic skill is Remedies and at least 2 Mystic skills trained to level 7+, INT41+
  • Scholar: requires Item/Mystic balance, INT41+. This class can be a little tricky if Items are accidentally brought above Mystics. Using Herbs or Potions runs the highest risk of changing into an Item-related class, and will result in Scout or Bard if the balance is missed.
  • Sage: highest Mystic skill is Hexes and at least 3 Mystic skills trained to level 7+, INT47+
  • Thaumaturge: highest Mystic skill is Invocations or Evocations and at least 3 Mystic skills trained to level 7+, INT47+
  • Commander: highest Mystic skill is Wards, INT53+

Training another significant skill group (preferably Weapons) can result in a Mystic + Combat class, provided that none of the other pure Mystic classes' requirements are met. This can only be done on the PC:

If Items were trained to become a significant skill group, then these options also open up:

Item + Combat (PC only)

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