Because the HP differs due to your BR amount. We need as many people as possible to go onto the discussion (talk) page for all monsters and add their HP amounts and BR level. The HP score that you see on each monster page counts for nothing because of the variation of BR. It would be nice to get some kind of small table or calculator to show the HP with the calculation of BR%.

When entering HP values into the Discussion pages, please try to get two figures. Also please sign the info using ~ ~ ~ ~ (without the spaces).


60,765 - 71,394 HP at BR 50 ~ ~ ~ ~ (this for xbox)

60,765 - 71,394 PC HP at BR 50 ~ ~ ~ ~ (this for PC)

Please note that any HP scores that are changed on the monsters pages by someone that hasn't entered their details into the discussion section, will most likely have that info reverted back to its previous amount.

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