The Last Remnant features three guilds that offer "Tasks" that, once completed, have some very nice rewards. Each task is different and non-repeatable.  Many of the rewards are similar -- Gold and Blueprints especially.  Some quests, however, are the only source for  "Daily" or "Weekly" magazines that will allow the team to obtain additional drops from monsters.

In addition to the main public guild, the Union of the Golden Chalice, which is present in all towns except Ghor, there are two private guilds only accessible after completing specific quests. These can only be accessed in certain cities.

Union of the Golden Chalice Edit

This guild is immediately available in all towns, with the exception of Ghor.

Sword of Three Realms Edit

To gain access complete the following quests:

Ring of the Labyrinth Edit

To gain access complete the following quests:

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