The Guardian is an advanced Combat class centered around defense and Item-based healing. It's the best tanking class in the game, not only increasing both physical and mystic resistance but also granting access to the "Defend" command.

Name Effect Requirement

[Physical] Resist +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 47
Minimum Style: Level 13
Expert Guardian

[Physical] Resist +1
[Mystic] Resist +1
Skill [Defender]

STR 49
Minimum Style: Level 14
Adept Guardian

[Physical] Resist +2
[Mystic] Resist +1
[Power Play] Immunity
Skill [Defender]

STR 51
Minimum Style: Level 15
Master Guardian

[Physical] Resist +3
[Mystic] Resist +2
[Power Play] Immunity
Skill [Defender]

STR 53
Minimum Style: Level 16
Lordly Guardian

[Physical] Resist +4
[Mystic] Resist +3
[Power Play] Immunity
Skill [Defender]

STR 56
Minimum Style: Level 17
Legendary Guardian

[Physical] Resist +5
[Mystic] Resist +4
[Power Play] Immunity
Skill [Defender]

STR 61
Minimum Style: Level 18

Any of the wield styles used to obtain the class can be used to qualify for the requirements of the Upgrade Levels. The Minimum Item requirements do not change between the levels, they are only needed to obtain the class. This class will stop upgrading if the Item > Mystic requirement is no longer met.

How to Obtain:
The biggest challenge in obtaining this class lies not in meeting its requirements but rather in meeting them without changing into an Item class. This usually translates to Weapon Types as the only significant skill group, with Mystics and Items well below them. Keeping this setup does not qualify for Guardian, but it doesn't qualify for anything else either and thus makes it possible to get the required skills before raising Items above Mystic.

It is also possible to obtain this class with Item significance; STR must be significant at the time of the class change while also meeting the minimum Skill requirements.

On the X360, there is no specific Wield Style or Item Skill requirement. As long as the unit has Items greater than Mystics, they will be able to change into this class. This is the final class for many units focusing on Item skills.

Upgrade Options:
There are two straight upgrades from Guardian that can prevent characters from staying in this class. These are:

Both are easy to achieve and just as easy to prevent by neglecting to meet the requirements.

Other classes will require training Mystics until they become either become significant or meet the minimum requirements for that class:

On the X360, the upgrade options are slightly different:

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